Esme’s Corner!

esmeHi! My name is Esme and welcome to my corner.

I am a bookworm and food lover who is interested in anything and everything related to cookery writing and recipes.

When I’m not reading recipes I’m usually thinking about them or wishing I was.

I love natto and don’t really like ramen. Really.

team katsuo 100%


Below are a series of articles that Esme has kindly written for this blog. Before this, she was the one behind the scenes editing the recipes on this blog. When I first met Esme, I couldn’t believe that I had found someone who was not only just as obsessed about food as I was, but also thought and wrote about food in ways that makes you see the culinary world in a whole new perspective. I hope you will enjoy her writing just as much as I have. ~Philippe

The Anatomy of a Recipe

Kumquats and Communication

The Siren Call of the Wastepaper Basket