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Deep dives:

The Ultimate Tonkatsu Recipe- Narikura’s Tonkatsu

How to make homemade Nigari and gypsum salt (海水からにがりを抽出する方法)

Lactic Acid Fermentation Series:

The Science Behind Lactic Acid Fermentation

Lactic-acid Fermented Matsutake Mushrooms (Lacto Matsutake Mushrooms/乳酸発酵松茸)

How to make 5-years aged umeboshi with red shiso leaves and kombu

Science Based Articles:

How do I choose fish for sashimi?

On Ramen Noodles – A Biochemist’s Take

The Science of Making Stocks


Toshio Ohba (大庭利男), Hakata’s Last Knife Maker

Double Blind Taste Testing- Expensive vs Cheap Chicken

Sushi Rice Improver (Otuka Miola) Review 炊飯ミオラの評価

Writings and Musings:

Keeping your knives sharp

My Photography Equipment and Set-Up