A Complete Guide to Aging Fish

A whole dry aged salmon showing the change in skin texture.

Probably the most requested and asked about series on our website, the topic of aging fish has become a food trend that everyone wants to be part of. Its appeal is obvious: paired with the promise of more sustainable cooking aimed at zero waste, its emphasis on responsible sourcing, plus its alleged ties with Japanese culture, pushes all the buttons of modern progressive food culture. 

Having consumed the majority of content available on this topic, we felt that our viewpoint on the social aspect of this subject differs quite significantly from the narrative being pushed by mainstream media. However, many of the culinary techniques and ideas that we have discovered through extensive experimentation ourselves seem to be in line with what other people have found through experimentation themselves. 

As such, the series of articles below are designed to be a freely available source of information for people to access regarding aging fish, followed by our personal opinions on the subject. We’ll delve into the science behind aging fish, the way fish should be prepared, as well as the various characteristics of fish that are suitable for aging. We will also endeavor to provide information regarding safety precautions, though this does not consist of professional advice. 

Finally, we would also like to emphasize a difference between the process of wet aging and dry aging fish which is often confused. Having worked in a traditional high end Japanese sushi restaurant, we quickly realized a distinction between the way fish is aged for sushi and this modern approach to dry aging fish- something that we will elaborate on extensively later. 

As with all series on this website, these articles are a work in progress and will be updated as new information arises. Titles that do not have a hyperlink are in the process of writing yet.

An introduction into aging fish

The science of aging fish

What is ikejime?

How to choose fish for aging

How to prepare fish for aging

How to dry age fish

How to wet age fish

Safety considerations when aging fish

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