Kuji 13 scaled

Kuji Sand Iron Tempura Pot 久慈砂鉄 天婦羅鍋

Iron sand mining in Kuji, Japan, and the history of iron cookware are detailed, highlighting traditional craftsmanship and quality, particularly the sand iron tempura pot’s role in culinary history and its thermal properties.

The difference between unsaturated and saturated fatty acids and how it affects oil stability.

How To Choose Oil For Tempura

Learn how to choose the perfect oil for your tempura with our comprehensive guide. Discover the impact of oil on flavor, texture, reusability, and cost.

Japanese vodka to reduce the formation of gluten in tempura batter

Vodka Tempura Batter Recipe

Discover the secret behind perfect tempura with this innovative vodka tempura batter recipe. Learn how the addition of vodka affects the batter, creating a crispy and stable texture

The colour of different sesame seed oils from unroasted all the way to dark roasted.

The Best Oil For Frying Tempura

Explore the diverse world of traditional tempura oils, from the neutral profile of Japanese salad oil to the rich flavors of sesame seed oil blends.

Variations in tempura batter thickness that chefs vary based on the ingredient to be fried.

Tempura Batter Variations

Discover the art of adjusting tempura batter consistency for various ingredients, from delicate fish to robust vegetables.

Perfectly fried tempura asparagus correctly served on paper that absorbs excess oil and keeps it crispy

Tempura Asparagus Recipe

Explore the intricacies of preparing tempura asparagus, from selecting the right asparagus to crafting a flavorful batter

One of the most common ways to fold tempura paper.

Traditional Paper Folds For Tempura

Discover traditional ways to fold tempura paper for both practical oil absorption and artistic presentation, adding a unique touch to your tempura dining experience

Tempura batter mixed to perfection with a ring of flour still visible around the bowl.

How to Maintain Tempura Batter

Dive into the intricacies of maintaining tempura batter freshness, exploring techniques to preserve its delicate balance and extend its lifespan for optimal frying perfection.