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Hello everyone,

As this website has slowly been growing over the years, it’s time to face the reality of the internet and how it works. Whilst it’s nice to believe that success is possible purely based on the quality of writing alone, alas this is not true, and we are at the mercy of search engines to climb their rankings in order to even have a chance of our content not being buried under pages and pages of search results.

The current content creation landscape demands the production of fast paced and attention grabbing content, neither of which I have the desire to produce, as I still firmly believe that these forms of communication are inadequate in conveying the depth of information. This of course puts us in a tricky position as then by definition, the content on this blog will not appeal to a mass audience, but instead live on the fringes of ‘niche creations’. After several consultations on the best way forward, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for this blog to be transferred to a different URL. From to

If you’ve read to this point, thank you for following along this journey so far, thank you for your support, and thank you for your kind words. Every email sent has been and will be savored and very much appreciated even when it’s almost impossible to find time to reply between work, family and writing.


  1. I for one really appreciate the wealth of information you’ve been sharing through your posts. Very few sites share such information even in Japanese, let alone English.

  2. I look forward to reading more of your excellent, diverse and engaging content. Should it be fast moving and ever changing? Perhaps, perhaps not. Sometimes slowly-deeply is better than quickly-shallow.
    I look forward to the book which would be a valuable addition to the pantheon of gastronomic knowledge 🙂
    Have a fine day.

  3. Hi Phil, I am not your target audience, but love reading your content because of the detailed and in depth presentation of each topic. Very few, if I may say, any culinary bloggers do that. I am of belief that those readers who are truly interested to learn, to advance their skills, will always find genuine sites.

  4. Thank you for all the work on this website and the information here—it’s truly such an invaluable resource.

  5. Have enjoyed your writing very much as I am an expat working in the Japanese aquaculture industry. A lot of what you write has and is directed to me and my clients. Look forward to what come next.

  6. Phil thank you. Thank you for sharing what you have learned, for answering questions.

  7. Hello, I would like to thank you for your very descriptive, engaging writing. The quality you have put out is what drives me to come back, even after losing interest in so many other blogs. When you post it is always a treat. Thank you.

  8. All the best wishes! For me, as a cook, such info, that is showing details on things that “I used to think I know” is treasure! Will be happy to read/watch You anywhere else. I really appreciate all you’ve done! Thanks

  9. Dear La Petit Noisette, By sharing in detail exactly what you know and have experienced, my own process is boosted and what is dear to me is validated. I really cannot thank you enough. -Stephanie B

  10. Eventually a new search engine will arise that will focus on quality content. Your blog is the perfect example of what the Internet should be. Congratulations and keep it up!

  11. Great to see this blog with a new look! Learned a lot from your articles. Just wanted to give one small bit of feedback: the new font for the body text can be difficult to read at times due to the thin lines.

  12. I’m a chef with a very good restaurant and have been a sushi geek for decades. I am spoiled! But the quality of information, detail and passion in this blog is in my opinion, unmatched, any where. Bravo

  13. Good luck with the transition. Your blogs have been very informative and extremely interesting to read.

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