What is Yumepirika Rice?

Discover the unique taste and qualities of Yumepirika rice, a prized variety from Hokkaido known for its exceptional stickiness, sweetness, and texture.

Seiten no Hekireki

What is Seiten no Hekireki Rice?

Learn about Seiten no Hekireki rice, a remarkable variety from Aomori prefecture celebrated for its unique qualities and awarded the prestigious Special A rank

Ginga no Shizuku

What is Ginga no Shizuku Rice?

Discover the story behind Ginga no Shizuku rice from Iwate, Japan. Learn why it’s special, its taste, and the unique production process behind this top-grade variety


What is Yukiwakamaru Rice?

Unlock the essence of Yukiwakamaru rice—a delightful blend of texture and taste, offering a masculine, yet firm, and lightly textured experience


What is Tsuyahime Rice?

Explore the unique characteristics and production methods of Tsuyahime rice, a highly regarded variety known for its white sheen, pure taste, and even-sized grains.